James Kirkpatrick
Inframe : James Kirkpatrick / Photo Credits : Getty Images

Canadian player James Kirkpatrick (#24) on Sunday received an official reprimand from the FIH Technical Delegate for breaching the code of conduct during their last Pool C match against India in the ongoing Men’s hockey World Cup on December 8.

During the Canada v India game, James Kirkpatrick received a yellow card in the 55th minute (resulting in a 10-minute suspension) and in the 60th minute, he banged his stick towards the bottom of the sin-bin and negligently broke the signage.

At the hearing, James Kirkpatrick admitted the breach of conduct and apologised.

The decision of the FIH Technical Delegate also includes that, if any further misconduct or yellow card is to be received for the remaining of this tournament, it is likely that this will result to a suspension.