Hockey World Cup 2018:
Photo Credits : FIH

“Surprise in the first match” and “maintain the concentration to play at the highest level” are the maxims with which the Spanish hockey team faces the Odisha Mens Hockey World Cup.

“If our team plays a hundred percent we will not be far from a victory. Our ability to play at the highest level and our concentration will be key, because of the quality and the game we have.”said the coach.

In front of Spain for four years, after the dispute of the previous World Cup, the French coach believes that the team will play the first phase in a “fairly even” group, with rivals such as Argentina, New Zealand and France, against those who the last matches “have been pretty tight”.

“In the World League in which we qualified for this championship we played against France and New Zealand and we won 4-5 and 2-0. If we played well we would have to win and Argentina too, we want to surprise in the first game. We will compete, the team has more experience and we are expected to enter the quarterfinals and see what happens next, “he says.

In his opinion, the change that Spain has allowed “climb a step and be fighting with the best, as seen by the latest results”, is mainly due to the three-day weekly training – from Monday to Wednesday – that the team has made since September and some tactical changes.

“One of the things he’s improving is by changing the mentality of the player when he comes to train. Now we have people who train almost every day, they are almost professionals. By changing so many people after Rio we had to adjust the tactical theme. I am one of the coaches that adapts more to the player instead of the player who adapts. Some have changed their position and at the moment it has not gone wrong, “he said.

For Soyez “the strong point of Spain is the team”, in which players who are going to premiere in a World Cup, “more than half”, with others “coexist with almost 300 international matches like Sergi Enrique, Quico Cortés, Miki Delás or Pau Quemada, who have managed to make young people feel comfortable and perform at the highest level “.

“In previous generations there was talk of Spain with talented players, but what stands out most is the union of this team. In recent years I think it’s almost the most competitive group we’ve had. In four years I have experienced two major changes. The first when I arrived and another after Rio when we  changed twelve players.” he said.

The Spanish coach believes that the World Cup will offer “surprises, because hockey has always been a sport of four or five teams and now there are eight or nine that can aspire to medals because they prepare much more and the difference between the first and the ninth or tenth is much smaller than ten years ago. “

“We think that by history we always have to fight for the medals, but hockey is becoming very professional. Those behind were pushing and approaching. Now we have less world references and we have to work with other things “