With the Men’s Odisha Hockey World League finals starting on the 1st of December 2017,  Matt Allan & Co-host John Lee of The Reverse Stick podcast– the go-to global hockey showhave partnered with  Xavier Pillons of ‘Hockey Manager to launch a Fantasy Hockey league Competition.  Pillons, is a software engineer by trade, who had originally built & launched the hockey specific system back in 2014, with the focus on European leagues.
What is great about this Fantasy League is that, Atlas Hockey, has jumped at the chance to get involved and provide an incredible line up of quality prizes.
The top three Fantasy League coaches at the end of the tournament are all set to win Sticks & Bags from the internationally renowned hockey brand. There’s even a prize for the best performing club! What more could hockey lovers want?
  • To register for the competition visit
  • Sign-up using one of the following platforms as your password manager: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo.  It is free, simple and quick, all that is needed is a valid email to confirm your registration and create your Hockey Manager account.
Setting Up Your Team
  • Visit and click on the Atlas Hockey Dream Team – Men’s HWL Final 2017 tab.
  • Click the ‘manage’ tab to make your player selections.  
  • To view each team use the ‘Select a Team’ drop down menu, make your country selection & press the ‘Load Players’ button.
  • Repeat the process across the teams to select your virtual playing group, making sure you stay within the budget, positional & team parameters.
Team Selection
  • You may select a select a squad of 15 players from the 8 nations participating, consisting of : 2 x Goalkeepers. 4 x Defenders. 5 x Midfielders. 4 x Forwards.
  • You may only select a maximum of 3 players from any 1 participating nation.
  • You cannot exceed your team budget of 3000 ‘caps’.
  • This based on international caps earned by an individual player.
  • Each virtual coach can build only one virtual team per competition.
  • Changes to team rosters may be made between the conclusion of the last round of pool games and the first game of the quarter finals.  You must select your initial team before the lock out period begins on 12/1/2017 9:15 AM (UTC).
Scoring Points
  • All 15 players in your squad earn points for your team based on the real players’ & teams performances across every game of the HWL finals, with the scoring rules defined below.
  • Points for the team: Victory: +30 / Defeat: 0 / Draw: +10
  • For each goal conceded by a winning or drawing team: FWD or MID: -2 / DEF: -3 / GK: -4
  • For each goal for a defeated team: GK: -6 / DEF: -5 / FWD or MID: -3
  • Points for individuals playing: Per game played: +3 / No game played: 0 (unable to score/lose pts)
  • Points per individual goal scored: FWD: 10 / MID: 15 / DEF: 20 / GK: 30
  • Shoot out goals are not considered. There is no points difference from the type of goal scored (field goal, penalty corner or penalty stroke) all count for the same value.
  • Clean Sheet: DEF: 5 / GK: 15
  • Cards: Per Green: -3 / Per Yellow: -5 / Per Red: -10
Score predictions are open up to 2 hours before the first game of the day, and closed up to 2 hours after the last game of the day. Your goal is to find each game result, and you can do so for an overall competition in one shot, or adjust it over the time.
Prediction Points: Exact Score: +12 / Draw (but incorrect score): +7 / Correct Winning or Losing team (but not correct result): +3 / Correct Team Score (but not correct result): +3 / Correct Goal Difference (but not correct result): +2.
Conditions of Entry
The promoter is: The Reverse Stick Podcast & The rules of the competition and how to enter can be found here. 
Find out more on how to enter the Atlas Hockey Dream Team by heading to . Or head straight to Atlas Hockey Dream Team – Men’s HWL Final 2017 to build your team.
Don’t forget to get your team registered before the tournament gets underway on December 1st.


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