Hockeyroos Fire Into Form Ahead Of Blockbuster Clash
Photo Credits : Hockey Australia

The Hockeyroos have fired into form at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, piling on five goals against Ghana on Saturday night.

Now with two wins to their name and some scoring momentum behind them, Australia are in a strong position to face arch-rival New Zealand on Monday night.

The Hockeyroos were able to create 17 penalty corners for the match although converted just two of them, Australia was far more dangerous from the field.

Jodie Kenny led the scoring with two goals (6’, 29’) and became the highest scoring Hockeyroo in Commonwealth Games history, jumping Alyson Annan’s record of 11 goals set in 1998. Unlikely goal scorer Edwina Bone (1’) opened the scoring for the game, while Jane Claxton (16’) and Brooke Peris (40’) both scored from the field.

Australia remain undefeated heading into Monday’s match against New Zealand.

Bone opened the scoring for the Hockeyroos and set the offensive tone for the match. She found herself open close to goal and was able to hit the back of the net with a well-placed shot.

Australia didn’t have to wait long for a second goal. Kenny scored with a powerful flick and took the record for most goals by a Hockeyroo at the Commonwealth Games. Kenny’s second goal came from another strong flick off of a penalty corner proving that she is the in-form offensive option for Australia.

Jane Claxton and Brooke Peris scored in similar styles, both finding themselves unmarked in front of goals on the run.

Emily Hurtz and Madi Ratcliffe both loomed as dangerous attacking options but neither could find the back of the net.

Renee Taylor once again proved to be a strong defensive option and was able to push forward and create a number of scoring chances.

The Hockeyroos are next in action on Monday against New Zealand from 9:30pm AEST live on Channel 7 and the 7 App.

Australia 5 (Kenny 6’, 29’) (Bone 1’) (Claxton 16’) (Peris 40’)

Ghana 0


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