HWC2018: Pien Sander to miss the World Cup
Photo Credits : Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Until Monday afternoon, international Pien Sanders did not think that the concussion that she had left in the clash with an Argentine player last Thursday would cost her the World Cup. But a visit to the neurologist – one day before leaving for London – changed the case.

 “After the conversation with the neurologist I realized that the World Cup might be in danger for me. But I kept in mind that there might still be a small chance that a risk would be taken or that she would like to watch it for a few more days, ‘says an emotional Sanders on the phone.”But then Alyson came with the confirming phone call that I was afraid of.

That really came as a blow inside. I find it so bad. It is a nightmare. It begins to sink deeper and deeper. This morning the press release went out. Now I get apps from everyone. And to think that next week I’ll probably just be the old one again … “Sanders thinks that in a day or five she has largely recovered. She calls it ‘a matter of days’ which means she now has to miss the World Cup, which starts on Sunday with the game against South Korea. The clash with the Argentinian player did not look very strong at first.

“I had 20,000 collisions in my life that were harder. But that Argentine arrived with her scapula against the wrong spot on my head. I have seen the images again several times now. Between the moment of the crash and the moment I landed, I went out for a while. At most a second. When I lay on the floor, I felt very blurred. I barely realized who was around me. The light that shone in my eyes hurt. But I had the idea that I could still walk and thought that there was not so much going on with me. ”

Conversation with neurologist changed the case

No abnormalities were seen on the CT scan made of her brain and neck the same day in Germany. However, it was established that Sanders had the symptoms of a concussion: she was dizzy, nauseous and was not able to withstand light.

“Maybe it was naïve to me, but until yesterday afternoon I never had the idea that the World Cup would be in danger for me. I had already had a day or four of rest. Every day I felt that it was getting better for me. Until the conversation with the neurologist I had myself or secretly hoped that I could train with the group again or could run for myself. ‘

On Monday afternoon, Sanders paid a visit to the neurologist, who told her that she would have to rest for more than a week. It would also be dangerous for her to play with a concussion, because she could aggravate the injury. That was enough for national coach Alyson Annan to call Sanders later that day with the news that she would not go to the World Cup and she would summon reserve player Sanne Koolen.


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