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The silver medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games was the crowning of a year of work and sacrifice to keep alive a dream that had been postponed with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Belén Succi knows it.

She knows that it was a special preparation, which she was able to complete by hanging her second medal in Olympic events. A few days after that achievement, the news came from the International Hockey Federation: to be one of the nominees to receive the award for the best goalkeeper in the world of the season, a shortlist that she shares with the British Maddie Hinch and the Indian Savita.

This is the third time that the archer of the Lionesses has received a distinction from the FIH. The other times were in 2014 and 2016. Regarding the sensations for this nomination, Succi was sincere:

“Unlike the previous times, I took it as something special, perhaps more beautiful because of the context in which we live worldwide, which made all the ways of training change and the mood played its own game. It is a nomination for the effort, dedication and dedication of a whole team ” .

And although the nomination is individual, Belén never tires of highlighting the team:

“When you receive a nomination as a goalkeeper, I feel that it is more of the team than of one, because it means that we function defensively at a high level; this nomination belongs to all of them.”

14 years have passed since her debut with the Leonas, when he had to enter to play a Champions Trophy match played in Quilmes in 2007. At that time, she covered the backs of Paola Vukojicic, to later inherit the defense of the three suits.

Today, with 248 international matches played, a world title (Rosario 2010), two Olympic medals (bronze in Beijing 2008 and silver in Tokyo 2020) and six Champions Trophies, among other achievements, she told what stage of her life this person finds her in recognition:

“I feel that the nomination came to me in a very special moment, where I had to face many personal battles and beyond the medal, closing the Olympic Game with this nomination means that I really managed to face all adversities to be among the best three” .


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