FIH and IOA President Narindra Batra went into self-quarantine after his father and a driver were found positive. Batra, in a statement, said that his own result came out negative.

“My father has been found to be Covid 19 positive and we got him admitted in Batra Hospital in Covid Dedicated Ward/floor on 25th May,” said Batra in a statement.

He said that additionally, two people who were attendants to his father and two security guards were those among his residential staff who tested positive.

“So my father (and four others) from our house were found Covid Positive and all are admitted in Batra Hospital in Covid dedicated Ward,” he said.

“We are 5 of our family who stay here plus 13 staff who work in our house and stay inhouse staff quarters. We got covid 19 tests done for everyone at our home and except above 5 all other of us came negative.”

Batra said that subsequently, the staff in the office that he attended in Faridabad for the past six days and in New Delhi got tested post which the two positive cases were revealed.

“Both the staff await admission in Hospital. These results came on 27th May, they are being regularly monitored at their residence,” said Batra.

“We all will get our tests done once again after 7/8 days ie by 3rd or 4th of June. Meanwhile we are going into self imposed Quarantine in our home for 17 days from today, and both the affected offices are also shut.”


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