🇳🇱 Netherlands Hockey : Jamilon Mülders appointed as Dutch women's team's Assistant Coach
Photo Credit : Hockey.De

The Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB) has appointed Jamilon Mülders as assistant national coach of the Dutch Women’s Team.

The agreement with Mülders takes effect immediately and will run until the Women’s Hockey World Cup in July 2022.

Mülders, who played 42 times as an international for Germany, is the successor of Albert Kees Manenschijn in the Dutch Women’s Team.

Moonshine stopped after the successful Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Jamilon Mülders has more than earned his spurs as a trainer-coach in recent years.

For example, he was national coach of various German youth teams and from 2012 to 2017 national coach of the national women’s team of Germany.

He won the European Championship with them in 2013 and took a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 2016. Following his period as national coach of Germany, Mülders was also national coach of the ladies of China.

Alyson Annan, national coach of the Dutch Women’s Team, is happy with the collaboration with Mülders:

‘Jamilon has many years of experience at an international level, not only as a coach but also as a player. He also brings new insights within our team and takes a fresh look at our development.’

Mülders is looking forward to working with the players, Alyson Annan and the staff:

“It is a challenge and honor for me to work as an assistant for a team on the way to the Women’s Hockey World Championships in 2022. that has been so successful in recent years. I am very curious about the Dutch culture and team dynamics, about the players and the game views. I am looking forward to making a contribution to the future performance of the Dutch Women’s Team.’

Women’s Hockey World Cup :

From 1 July to 17 July 2022, the Women’s Hockey World Cup will take place in Spain and the Netherlands.

The group matches of the Dutch Women are played in the Wagener Stadium in Amsterdam. Ticket sales for these matches have not yet started.


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