Japan Hockey Federation
Pic : Japan Hockey Federation
The Japan Hockey Association (Hirofumi Nakasone) has welcomed a comedian, Rochchi Souichi Nakaoka, as a “hockey ambassador”.
A presentation ceremony was heldat the “Japan Hockey Association Thanksgiving Gathering” held on February 17, 2020, and Mr. Nakasone gave Mr. Nakaoka were given a special uniform (uniform number 2020) and a stick.
Mr. Nakaoka started playing hockey from junior high school students, and also belonged to the hockey club at Otani High School (Kyoto), one of the most prestigious hockey schools in Japan.
He is one of the most experienced hockey players in the entertainment world.
Speaking on the engagement, Mr. Nakaoka’s said: 
“I am very honoured to have such a major role this time.I played hockey hard in middle and high school. Some people around me said, “What are you playing a minor sport?” But I think there is no difference between those who have worked hard and become top players in both minor and major sports. I really want hockey to become a major sport, and I really want to work as an ambassador. I hope that I can help make hockey a major sport.”


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