🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : Junior women's team to play two test match series against Belgium
Photo Credit : DHB Hockey

The world championship in Potchefstrom, South Africa (December 5th to 16th) is also getting closer and closer for the expanded World Cup squad of German juniors. National coach Akim Bouchouchi has put together a fairly broad squad of 26 candidates for a course in Düsseldorf and Antwerp – with two test matches there against hosts Belgium.

For some of them there is a special bonus at the weekend, because four junior women each complement the German women’s squad, which is playing two Pro-League games against Belgium’s A-squad in parallel in Brussels.

Stine Kurz, Philin Bolle and Lilly Stoffelsma come to their premiere games for the Danas. Otherwise, the U21 World Cup test matches are the focus of interest, because in a few weeks Bouchouchi will be nominating for the World Cup tournament in South Africa. And of course everyone wants to recommend themselves emphatically.

The World Cup test matches are scheduled as follows:

  • Friday, October 15, 3:30 p.m .: Belgium – Germany
  • Saturday, October 16, 11:00 a.m .: Belgium – Germany

The national coach has nominated the following players:

TW Vischer, Chiara Munich SC 19th 35 0
TW Wichmann, Mali Club on the Alster 21 40 0
1. Beckhaus, Nike Munich SC 21 30th 0
2. Bleuel, Jule Munich SC 20th 53 1
3. Boehringer, Joana Munich SC 18th 26th 3
4th Duus, Tara TSV Mannheim 20th 34 2
5. Fleschütz, Jette Großflottbeker THGC 18th 42 15th
6th Frerichs, Lena Bremen HC 17th 28 23
7th Günther, Emily UHC Hamburg 21 47 1
8th. Heinz, Pauline Rüsselsheim RK 20th 46 7th
9. Hemmerle, Julia Uhlenhorst Mülheim 18th 26th 2
10. Hofmeister, Inma Sophia Rot-Weiss Cologne 21 56 12th
11. Koellinger, Ida-Marie UHC Hamburg 20th 43 1
12th Kresken, Aina Lilly Mannheimer HC 21 32 4th
13th In short, Stine Mannheimer HC 21 63 30th
14th Lonnes, Antonia Rot-Weiss Cologne 19th 36 13
15th Almond, Yara UHC Hamburg 20th 44 14th
16. Neumann, Verena Mannheimer HC 21 38 1
17th Niklaus, Paulina Mannheimer HC 19th 19th 0
18th Nolte, Lisa Düsseldorf HC 20th 65 23
19th Schwabe, Sophia Düsseldorf HC 18th 38 20th
20th Sippel, Carlotta Club on the Alster 20th 62 31
21. Stoffelsma, Lilly Düsseldorf HC 19th 57 21
22nd Strauss, Sara Düsseldorf HC 19th 50 48
23 Weidemann, Linnea Berlin HC 18th 41 5
24 Wiedermann, Felicia Club on the Alster 19th 50 11


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