🏆 JWC 2021 : Belgium Junior Men’s Hockey team edge out Spain in a shootout in the Classification round of the Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup
Photo Credit : Thedragflick

Earlier in the day Belgium squeezed every last ounce of effort to haul in and eventually overcome Spain. This was a game that went to the wire, with Spain dominating the opening half with two goals from Pau Cunill giving the Spanish team a 2-0 cushion at half-time.

Belgium fought back with goals from Jeremy Wilbers and Thibeau Stockbroekx to force a shoot-out. An efficient and calm performance from the Belgium players, combined with some very good goalkeeping by Pierre de Gratie saw the Belgium team win the shoot-out with relative ease.

Player of the Match Thibeau Stockbroekx said:

“We didn’t start so well but I tried to keep the team up. The second half was for us and I think we did really well. In the first half we were lacking of energy and the basics were not there. At half-time, we discussed it, we put some energy in the team and that helped us a lot.”

For Spain, the result was the second disappointment following their defeat at the hands of Germany in the previous round.

Alvaro Portugal said:

“It’s a little bit like two days ago against Germany. We had the lead almost all the match and then at the end we conceded two goals. We have to improve that. We cannot permit that. We had another chance but we didn’t not convert it. This is a bit frustrating. It’s disappointing but it is what it is.”


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