🏆 JWC 2021 : France junior Men's team beat Poland for a second consecutive victory

France continued their sparkling start to the competition with another energetic performance that put them firmly at the top of Pool B. Despite the scoreline this wasn’t a walkover as Poland defended hard and created their own chances.

But France brought with them the confidence that the previous day’s victory over the host nation India had given them and they were strong and composed from the first whistle.

The opening goal was within a minute of the start and a 3-0 cushion before the end of the first quarter effectively put the game beyond Poland’s reach.

Corentin Sellier scored three goals for France, adding to the one he scored against India the previous day. Reflecting on the match against Poland he said:

“It was important for us to be focused on this game, to put some intensity and play a good match. I’m really happy with our performance so far, both for the team and for myself. We want to continue in this competition and we will now focus on the next game.”

It was a sanguine reaction from Poland’s Head Coach Jacek Adrian:

“I said to my guys: ‘Well done!’. Because they tried in the second half to do something, to score more goals. It was a tough match for us. France is a very strong team. But we tried to show that we can play quite good hockey. Maybe not enough to win this match, but good. India is a special country for me. I used to be a national player and I came here six times. Lovely country, lovely food!


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