🏆 JWC 2021 : Germany junior Men's team kick start their 2021 Junior World Cup campaign with a victory over Pakistan

The German junior team celebrated a well-deserved 5-2 victory in the Indian midday heat on Wednesday at the start of the U21 World Cup in Bhubaneswar. The German goals were scored by Robert Duckscheer (2), who was also named “Man of the Match”, as well as Michel Struthoff, Maximilian Siegburg and Benedikt Schwarzhaupt.

Keeper Anton Brinckman made a strong game, saving a seven-meter and four corners from the opponent. The next opponent of the DHB team is now Argentina on Friday at 12.30 p.m. German time.

National coach Johannes Schmitz : “There is no better way to start a tournament than with such a counter goal in the first minute. But the guys did it very well even after the 2: 1 in the first somewhat shaky phase and showed the right reaction. I’m not so happy with the second half because we lost too many balls and couldn’t stop the Pakistani counterattacking game. But Anton Brinckman held up today and with a 5: 2 the boys deservedly brought the match home. ”

Antheus Barry: “I was totally flashed because it was so much fun to play with the team in this stadium. Even though there was no video material from Pakistan at all, we were tactically first class. When the structure was then a bit lost, we made up for it with commitment, body language and the joy of playing together. ”

Double goalscorer Robert Duckscheer :” That was a great game, which showed our huge team spirit very well. I’m very happy with our first half. Then the yellow card with a ten-minute time penalty cost us an incredible amount of energy in this heat in the third quarter. This made it a bit more of a ping-pong game that went back and forth a lot. But we then scored the fifth goal and in the end we deservedly won. ”

A very strong counterattack gave the Germans an early lead when youngster Michel Struthoff was used on the right with a long flick and Paul Smith no longer had to block his hard ball in front of goal because the ball landed slightly deflected in the goal (1. ).

All the while, Pakistan attacked German reconstruction at a very early stage. Erik Kleinlein had the next good chance, but put a backhand shot over the gate (7th).

The DHB team with the better chances, while the Pakistani still had problems to get past the last defensive row of the Germans in the circle. After a stick foul there was the first corner for Pakistan (10th), which Anton Brinckman certainly parried.

And then Hannes Müller started with a ball in front of the Robert Duckscheer circle and the Mülheimer hit the short corner with a half-high hit to make it 2-0 (14th).

After a foul on Matteo Poljaric in the circle, there was the first German corner at the beginning of the second quarter, but keeper Waqar was able to safely parry the Schlenzer. And then a counterattack by the Asians through the middle brought the remarkable goal when the ball was deflected several times up towards the goal and Abdul Shahid scored the 2-1 with a stroke of genius by turning the high ball with his back to the goal.

But the young DHB team had exactly the right answer when Max Siegburg came right into the circle in the next attack, pulled away and scored 3-1 through Waqar’s schooner.

Duckscheer then had to go to the penalty box for interrupting an attack with Green. Outnumbered Paul Smith took the second corner, which Benedikt Schwarzhaupt used at the bottom right to make it 4: 1 (23rd). Aron Flatten then also saw green because he was not within the corner clock at the exit point to take the next corner. The corner was defended, but the DHB team was in good control even in this shortfall, except for a breakthrough on the right post, which Brinckman prevented well.

After another counterattack by Pakistan, Moritz Ludwig saved on the line, but the margin led to a seven-meter, which Anton Brinckman artistically parried, although Moin Shakeel’s ball went into the opposite corner (29th). In the next attack shortly before the break, the 5-1 was in the air, but two Germans in front of goal could not use the somewhat too hard cross from the left.

A curious scene at the beginning of the third quarter, when a cross ball at the back of the German circle got stuck in a puddle of the too heavily watered artificial turf and Schwarzkopf was only able to slow the breaching Pakistani with a stick foul.

The resulting corner was saved, but the German co-captain had to go to the penalty box for ten minutes with a yellow card. The DHB team was largely unimpressed at first with good own actions. Masi Pfandt took the next corner out on the counterattack (35th), followed by two repetitive corners, which could not be used.

Siegburg took the next corner with an irresistible run over the left side and Adeel Latif saw green for a stick foul (40th). But Masi Pfandt could not take advantage of this opportunity either, because Waqar kept his fluff safe. The DHB team with several good opportunities to further expand the leadership.

Rapaport then punished a stock foul in front of the circle with the next corner for Pakistan (41st), which Brinckman brilliantly defused again. A minute later the next corner for the Asians, which was executed as a blow too high.

After a somewhat wild phase, the Germans regained control of the game, so that it remained 4-1 at the end of the third quarter. Pakistan increased the pressure early in the last quarter to get back into the game, but when Anton Brinckman was needed at the back he was there.

Only in the 49th minute there was a misunderstanding with Phillip Holzmüller at the near post, which Muhammad Hammadudin was able to use from close range to make it 2: 4.

One noticed the Germans losing their strength in the Indian midday heat, which meant that the game was no longer so controlled. But a nice left attack finally brought the important 5: 2 (54th) when Robert Duckscheer hit a top cross from Hannes Müller halfway up the left into the net.

Pfandt tested Waqas again with a high backhand from the right, beautifully staged by Paul Smith, but ultimately it stayed with the well-deserved clear victory of the DHB selection.


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