🏆 JWC 2021 : Hannes Wulf Müller and Benedikt Schwarzhaupt to lead Germany Men's team at the Junior Hockey World Cup
Photo Credit : Ariane Schirle / DHA

The German U21 national team will go to the World Cup in Bhubaneswar, India from Wednesday with two captains. Both come from the UHC Hamburg, both are students, just seven months apart in age, live only 300 meters away from each other and have been successful in the title hunt in the U-Teams of the DHB and with the UHC club teams for years.

We really wanted to introduce this congenial couple with all their similarities in a home story – and earned for the suggestion … Laughter.

“You are welcome to come by”, was Benedikt Schwarzhaupt’s answer, “but you will have to look for common ground for a long time. We are completely different. ”

Could that be with so much hockey agreement? After all, both of them should have cleaned up the dormitory for such a visit. “Come to me, it would take longer with Hannes,” said “Bene” Schwarzhaupt. And so we, the editor and photographer, met the German captain duo on a Thursday morning in the tranquil Hamburg district of Winterhude and were soon won over.

Almost a head taller but a good six months younger, Bene is studying business administration in English in his fifth semester with a scholarship at the Kühne Logistics University, Hannes has just started studying sports and geography to become a teacher, and is also a sports soldier in the German Armed Forces.

One sees “earning money” as the clear goal of the course, the other sees quality of life and fun, which both coach and teacher can later envision as a job. As on the field, the German defense chief is more concerned with structure in the rest of his life, while the offensive midfielder Hannes relies more on creativity and looseness.

Hannes has been giving youth training at UHC for a long time, while at Bene, studies and competitive sports have so far left no time for this. At the age of 20, he is on the final spurt for his bachelor’s degree, so he submitted his semester thesis before he left for India. But maybe there would be a hit with music. We thought. Puff cake! Bene likes to listen to German rap, Hannes more often to Helene Fischer – it can hardly be further apart.

One, Bene, is a native of Hamburg, the other comes from the Saxony-Anhalt hockey Mecca Köthen. But now we had it! Both are hardcore soccer fans! Finally! You guessed it? Exactly! Benedikt is HSV ultra fan, Hannes heart beats for FC Bayern Munich. After all, both with family tradition.

“Since I was seven years old and Ribery came to Bayern, I’ve found them good – apart from the fact that my father and his brother were also Bayern fans. I think that Thomas Müller is a huge sporting role model, also as a guy. It’s not for nothing that I carry the 25 on my back, ”said the young hockey miller.

Incidentally, this is one of the few times when Bene rolls her eyes briefly when Hannes tells us, because despite all the teasing and differences, they respect each other as they are – you notice that quickly.

And so the photo in front of the framed HSV ultrasound, one in the HSV jersey, the other in the Bayern outfit, is also no problem at all. Disregarding the fact that Bene really enjoys it and Hannes contributes a famous finger gesture to the background.

After we gave up long ago, we still have a few things in common. Both are singles, even if Benes WG and the UHC junior national player Ida Köllinger repeatedly provoke appropriate explanations. Incidentally, Hannes shares his flat with U21 national goalkeeper Anton Brickman from HTHC.

And they both have a family tradition of hockey in common. The Müller family in Köthen is a multi-generation hockey family. And at Bene, not only did father Ralf play for Marienthal and later Großflottbek in the Bundesliga for a long time, but the grandmother was already a U21 national player. And at the end they both say in unison: “It’s good that we’re so different. As captains we cover a really wide range in the World Cup team!


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