🏆 JWC 2021 : Poland Junior Men's Hockey team beat Chile in the Classification round of the 2021 Junior Men's Hockey World Cup
Photo Credit : Thedragflick

Chile’s hearts were broken by a last minute goal by Tomasz Bembenek as the forward scored the winner for Poland in the final minute of play.

Daniel Beroggi had given Chile the lead in the first quarter through a well-placed penalty corner before Julian Blaskiewicz brought Poland level.

From that moment the game was played at a ferocious pace as both teams sensed a win was within their grasp. However, it was the calm precision of Bembenek that proved the difference and sees Poland moving on to contest 9-12 place in the next match.

The result means Poland will now play Korea in the battle for a ninth place finish, while Chile will take on Egypt.

“Chile played a really, really good match,” said Player of the Match Tomasz Bembenek.

“They had a very good defence. So they created problems for our offensive play. But we managed to score in the last minute and I’m very happy about that. I think we have to score more goals.”

His counterpart Nicolás Abujatum said:

“The feeling which dominates now is frustration. We were playing a very good match. We made some mistakes and then we started to lose our heads and that’s what drove us to lose this match. We’ve been improving a lot since the beginning of the tournament but we keep on doing some mistakes that make us lose the matches. So, that’s not a good performance. We don’t get anything from playing good but losing matches.”


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