🏆 JWC 2021 : Spain junior Men's team trounce USA in their opening 2021 Junior World Cup match

Argentina may well have thought they had posted the top score of the day, but Spain had other ideas. USA held the European side at bay for seven minutes but then the floodgates opened.

Manuel Rodriguez scored twice in the opening quarter, Guillermo Fortuno scored twice in the final minute of the game and another 13 goals were scored in between.

USA worked hard throughout but they were no match for the slick passing and speed of decision-making displayed by the Junior EuroHockey champions.

Gerard Clapes scored four goals for Spain. he said:

“I’m very proud of the team. We played as a team. We have good feelings for the next match against the Netherlands, which is very important. As we all know they are a very, very good team, and it will be very difficult. But it’s very important to win to ensure our path into the quarter finals and, if possible, to reach the first place of the group.”

USA captain Jatin Sharma spoke about the nerves that had struck his team as they took to the field:

“I think coming out in the first quarter a lot of us were playing a bit with their nerves. That can happen, we all know that. Tonight, we will rewatch the game, talk about what we need to do better, get feedback from our coaches and implement that tomorrow.”


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