🏆 JWC 2021 : The Netherlands Junior Men's Hockey team trounce Malaysia in the Classification round of the Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup
Photo Credit : Thedragflick

The second match saw Malaysia steamrollered in the opening quarter by a Netherlands team intent on making up for their previous match, where they lost to Argentina.

Three goals in 15 minutes gave Netherlands a cushion to launch further attacks, although Malaysia rallied to shut down the Dutch in the second quarter. The third quarter, however, saw Netherlands once more pile the pressure on with a further three goals, with Luke Dommershuijzen chalking up a hat trick.

The last few minutes of fourth quarter was a wholly different affair as Malaysia threw caution to the wind and went in search of goals of their own. They had already scored a consolation through Mohammad Khalid but in the 59th minute Akimullah Anuar found the net before his teammate Firadus Rosdi added a third.

However, Netherlands also kept pushing and added three more goals of their own. The final score of 9-3 underlined the difference in performance and speed of play between the two teams on this occasion.

Player of the Match Luke Dommershuijzen said:

“After Wednesday’s match [in which Netherlands lost to Argentina], it was hard to play but it was good today.

“Our match against Belgium will be a hard game but we trust in our systems and we also trust everyone in the team.”

Malaysia’s captain Akhimullah Anuar, said:

“In today’s game, we played our way. We took our chances and scored. In the last minute, we were prepared to fight for the goal. In the next game we play spain, we will come back and be focused and we will do our best for our country.


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