🇵🇰 Pakistan Hockey : Karachi Hockey Association gets two new Synthetic Turfs

Dragflick Newsdesk : Sindh government approved the new turf for KHA and a hockey-5 turf with a 44-room hostel faciality.

Massive development work is going to be launched at Karachi Hockey Association (KHA) Sports Complex next month, including one new AstroTurf and one for 5-a-side hockey,
KHA was has been making efforts for the last couple of years for the replacement of the old turf and now they have succeeded in getting the project approved by the Sindh government.

The KHA secretary Haider Hussain told this correspondent that the Sindh government had approved the new turf for KHA and a hockey-5 turf. The development work would be started in this regard soon, he added.

He further said that a 44-room hostel for the complex is also part of the development plan. A digital scoreboard at is also planned, he said.

He said that both turfs would be blue and imported from Europe.

The KHA secretary said that all credit of this massive development work went to the Sindh government.

Haider said that hockey-5 is a faster version of the game and has gained popularity among youngsters.

KHA has a comprehensive plan to organise a number of hockey-5 competitions and establish strong teams across the city.

The KHA secretary said he expected that the installation work of the two turfs would be completed in three to four months.

He said provincial sports secretary Akhtar Hussain Bhurgari had played an important role in the approval of the projects.


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