🇳🇱Netherlands : KNHB awards awarded during Olympic Festival
Photo Credit : KNHB

Prior to the grand ceremony of the Dutch hockey ladies during the Olympic Festival in Scheveningen on Sunday, August 8, federal referee Coen van Bunge received the KNHB’s Medal of Honor from the hands of KNHB chairman Erik Cornelissen. Alyson Annan, Eva de Goede, Lidewij Welten, Caia van Maasakker and Margot van Geffen were also appointed Members of Merit of the KNHB.

Coen van Bunge –
Since 2008, Coen has been an international referee on the hockey field, both outside and in the hall. He has, among other things, whistled three Champions Trophies, three European Championships (2015, 2019 and 2021) and two Olympic Games (2016 and 2021). Coen is the first Dutch referee to whistle the finals of the Euro Hockey League and the FIH Pro League. This month, a very nice final was added: Coen was allowed to whistle the Olympic hockey final in Tokyo . An achievement of which we are extremely proud.

It was 41 years ago that an Olympic men’s final was whistled by a Dutchman. Bob Davidson was the umpire at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. The women’s Olympic final was last whistled by a Dutch referee in 2000 (Sydney). Miriam van Gemert was the referee during this match. She also whistled the Olympic women’s final in 1996 (Atlanta).

Alyson Annan –
Since her appointment as national coach in 2015, Alyson Annan has won almost all titles with her team. However, one title was still missing. That was the Olympic title. But on Friday, August 6, she was also able to add this title to her long honors list as national coach. Under her leadership, the Dutch hockey ladies won Olympic gold in Tokyo. A fantastic achievement.

Eva de Goede, Lidewij Welten, Margot van Geffen and Caia van Maasakker –
Eva de Goede (249 international matches) and Lidewij Welten (225 international matches) played their fourth Olympic Games in Tokyo. Eva played her first international match in 2006 and for Lidewij that was 2008. Both ladies now have a long honors list. For example, they both won three golds and one silver at the Olympic Games, became European champions four times and world champions twice.

Margot van Geffen’s honors list is also impressive. During the 218 international matches in which she played for the Dutch national team, she, like Eva and Lidewij, won four European titles and two world titles. She also won two gold and one silver Olympic medal.

For Caia van Maasakker, the Olympic Games were the last tournament in which she played for the Dutch national team. With a gold medal and two goals in the final match against Argentina, she said a dignified goodbye to the Dutch national team. Caia can look back on a fantastic career. She played a total of 212 international matches. Besides two gold and one silver Olympic medals, there are 2 world titles and 3 European titles on her long honors list.


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