🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : Kuala Lumpur crowned Champions of 2021 TNB Tun Abdul Razak Women’s Cup
Photo Credit : MHC

Nur Syaza Afiqah Safawi’s single goal in the third quarter was enough for Kuala Lumpur to win the championship by beating defending champions Pahang 1-0 in the final match of the 6th edition of the TNB Tun Abdul Razak Cup (Women) at the National Hockey Stadium tonight.

With seven minutes left in the game and it looked like it ended in a goalless draw, Nur Syaza took advantage of the opportunity and exploded in front of Pahang’s goal to ensure victory for the city squad.

The championship is the second for Kuala Lumpur after the first time it achieved success in 2018 by defeating Selangor. Kuala Lumpur also qualified for the final in 2019 but was sidelined by Selangor.

Despite coming down with a high reputation as a three -time champion apart from holding a record of four times to qualify for the final since the first edition in 2016, Pahang clearly failed to compete with Kuala Lumpur’s ability to absorb the pressure.

The first two quarters saw a balanced game with both teams penetrating each other’s opponents ’fortifications but failing to make the finish.

The game after half time saw Kuala Lumpur make more attacks into the D Pahang area, which finally paid off when Nur Syaza managed to push in a pass to score the Pahang goal.

Kuala Lumpur coach A. Kannagi was clearly satisfied with the performance of his men despite having to wait until the end of the fourth quarter before producing the winning goal.

“Actually, the strength of both teams is really balanced. Pahang’s defense is difficult to penetrate so any opportunity in front of goal must be fully utilized, “said Kannagi.

Pahang coach, Mohamad Sabri Mohamad is satisfied with the achievements of his team which is on average lined up by Pahang SUKMA squad players.

“Maybe this is the first time most players have played in the final stage, so not enough experience. But overall, the players showed high ability and I am satisfied because we surpassed the target until the semi -finals before this, ”he said.

The win puts Kuala Lumpur, Pahang and Selangor each sharing the championship twice since the first tournament in 2016.


  • CHAMPION: Kuala Lumpur
  • RUNNER -UP: Pahang
  • THIRD: Penang
  • FAIRPLAY: Sabah
  • TOP SCORER: Nuramirah Shakirah Zulkifli (Kedah) 7 goals
  • BEST PLAYER OF THE FINAL MATCH: Nur Zafirah Aziz (Kuala Lumpur)


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