Criticism by journalists and fans is nothing new, but the ease of commenting on social media has made personal abuse more public, allowing online groups to form concerted attacks on influential people on social media.

In the last few years, being insulted and harassed online has simply become part of the job for most sports journalists and fans, specially in Malaysia.

Dr. Shamala Subramaniam, one of the most influential sporting personalities in the Malaysian Sports Circle has an undoubtedly huge fan-following, but has also been the subject of trolls on social media on various occasions.

While ignorance is bliss, Shamala never shies away from calling people on their rubbish on her micro-blogging Twitter and Facebook page.

With the conclusion of the FIH Series Finals and FIH Pro League 2019, the FIH updated their rankings.

The new rankings saw the Malaysia womens hockey team climb two spots up while the mens hockey team climbed one spot up.

The Malaysian womens hockey team currently stand at No. 20 while the men are now positioned on the 12th place.

Ofcourse, the continental championship points are yet to be added and the final standings will be as of September 8, 2019, but her trollers could barely digest this news of the teams progress and were back to trolling her again.

Dr. Shamala, who is also the Professor of Computer Science and the Director of University Putra Malaysia Sports Academy, took to Facebook to respond to her trollers;

“Some people dedicate their blessed 24 hours to just running down people, turning all good to bad and actually to a low point of manufacturing false information.” Dr. Shamala posted.

Dr. Shamala, whose compassion and undisputed support to stand with her team irrespective of their win or loss, gets her much hate from vicious trolls on social media, has always shut her naysayers down with her sass.

“For God Sake, I’m not here to warm my seat. I have some dignity and i am here to make the country proud.” Dr. Shamala posted.

Speaking about the same, she reportedly stated that she understands peoples sentiments but is baffled thinking about what goes on inside their minds sometimes.

Elaborating more on the same, she added that it is easier for people to pass judgements and act like experts sitting behind the walls of social media, so she is never stressed about something so unimportant.


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