Robbert Kemperman
Inframe : Robbert Kemperman / Photo Credits : Getty Images

National coach Max Caldas dropped Robbert Kemperman and Valentin Verga for the selection of the FIH Pro League, as the duo will play in the Malaysian Hockey league in January and February .

“I regret that I can not appear for the FIH Pro League. I travel to Malaysia for two months for the Malaysia Hockey League. The culture, climate and experience is different there. I am already at my peak. I do not know if I will receive such an opportunity in the future. I thought it was too bad to let it go.” said Kemperman.

The midfielder plays for the UniKL – a local university team in Malaysia with Valentin Verga and Kampong teammate Martijn Havenga.

Besides the three Dutch, the Irishman David Harte, keeper of Kampong, and the Australians Kieran Govers and Tim Deavin are also contracted by UniKL.

“Unlike the Hockey India League – for which you have to be chosen through an auction – you have to be invited for the Malaysian Hockey League competition. That is not for everyone. So, I think it’s incredibly cool that I get that chance.” Kempermen said.