Dr. Shamala Subramanium with Malaysia womens hockey team
Photo Credits : Dr. Shamala Subramanium Facebook Page
Following a successful campaign at the FIH Series Finals in Banbridge, the Malaysian women’s hockey team arrived at the KLIA International Airport in Kuala Lumpur, last evening in the midst of a rousing reception.
The team at the FIH Series Finals in Banbridge enjoyed an impressive campaign finishing third as they stepped up defensively on the field and took good control of the game in every match that they played.
It was a remarkable finish since the Malaysian women weren’t the favourites to secure a podium finish in Ireland. However, they stunned everyone by their aggression that saw them success.
Speaking on the teams arrival, Malaysia Hockey Confederation (MHC) Senior Deputy President, Prof Datuk Dr. Shamala Subramaniam, said that the team performed exceptionally well in Ireland which proves that the players are ready to take on greater challenges.
“The girls played really well. They have made us very very proud with their performance. Yes, they fell short in the semi-final match against Korea and have been disappointed but the entire nation is very proud of their performance.” said Dr. Shamala.
The reception for the team was full of cheers and hugs from MHC officials, family, friends and fans of the champions as they were welcomed at the airport.
“We have been blessed by the magnanimous support of everyone with their generous comments, motivation and reassurances. We thank everyone who have been with us and who have been supporting our vision.” Dr. Shamala added.
Dr. Shamala Subramaniam said she now eagerly awaits for the announcement of the qualification for the final playoff for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
“The women’s team will resume training after a short and well deserved break. Once they are back, we are going to continue to work hard whilst waiting for the announcement of the qualification for the final playoff for Tokyo 2020.” said the passionate Professor of Computer Science.
As announced by the International Federation of Hockey (FIH), the Olympic qualifiers will take place either on Oct 26-27 or November 2-3 this year while the draw for the teams will be conducted in September.


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