🏆 ACT 2021 : Malaysia Women's Hockey team's participation in the 2021 Donghae Women’s Asian Champions Trophy on hold
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Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) would like to inform that the status of the National Women’s Special Project Squad which is currently in Donghae, Korea is still a question mark whether the national team will compete in the 2021 Asian Champions Trophy (Women) Championship or not which will kick start on 5 to 12 December 2021.

The National Women’s Special Project Squad arrived in Korea on Monday (November 29) at 9.00am and underwent a Covid-19 smear test on Tuesday (November 30). The results of the test received on Wednesday (December 1) found that one of the players, Nurul Faezah Shafiqah Khalim, tested positive for Covid-19 and was separated from the national team to undergo a quarantine process.

Nurul Faezah’s Covid-19 positive result was also a question mark for MHC because before leaving for Korea, the entire line-up of players, coaches and support officers were required to perform a Covid-19 smear test to enable them to leave for Korea and test results in Kuala The mud found to all of them Covid-19 Negatives and allowed to travel.

MHC feels that Nurul Faezah may have been infected with Covid-19 while on her way to Korea, either while at the airport or on a plane bound for Korea. However, Nurul Faezah and the entire national team (players, coaching staff and Technical Director of Development and MHC Special Project Squad) are now in good health and do not show any symptoms, signs or symptoms of Covid-19.

The test results also caused the entire National Women’s Special Project Squad (players, coaching staff and Technical Director of Development and MHC Special Project Squad) to undergo quarantine at the accommodation center and not be allowed to leave the room at all, thus unable to do any preparation or training. final preparations ahead of the tournament.

Now the national team is still waiting for the results of the second smear test that they did on Thursday, 2. December and also waiting for the final decision to be made by the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) on the status of the national team in the Asian Champions Trophy. (Women) 2021.

Earlier, National Penalty Corner Shot Specialist, Nuraini Abdul Rashid who returned from England after playing with the East Grinstead HC team, was also confirmed positive for Covid-19 after the smear test results done once in Malaysia were received and now Nuraini is still undergoing quarantine in Kuala Lumpur. .

MHC is currently waiting for the latest results from the AHF and the Korean Hockey Association on the National Women’s Special Project Squad. Developments and results that are expected to be received soon, will be communicated to all parties


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