🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : Malaysian Tigers outbid Wales in their third UK Tour Test Match Series
Photo Credit : MHC

The third Test match, the 2021 United Kingdom Tour Series which found the National Men’s Senior Squad with Team Wales at the Wales Hockey Center today saw the Malaysian Tigers manage to maintain their winning momentum when overcoming opponents with a 4-3 result.

Starting the first quarter, the national goal was tested when Wales first opened the scoring in the fifth minute through a stroke completed by Joseph Naughalty before national penalty corner specialist Muhammad Razie Abd Rahim returned to tie the score at 1-1 after completing a penalty corner.

The national squad came back in front 2-1 in the 26th minute when once again the advantage of the penalty corner was translated into a goal this time through Nik Muhammad Aiman Nik Rozemi for the first half action closed with an advantage for the national camp.

In the 44th minute, Wales returned to the chase after Gareth Furlong completed a penalty corner but the 2-2 lead did not last long when Faizal Saari’s turn made his name as the scorer a minute later as a result of a field goal to change the score to 3-2

Head National Coach, A Arulselvaraj considers the victory achieved by his men today is something quite sweet as this victory will also help the national team to continue to improve its world ranking position.

“Today’s match we were rewarded with two penalty corners and we scored from both while the opponent who received four penalty corners scored one goal while another stroke penalty.

“Today’s action, the discipline of the players on the field is not very good, causing us to collect three green cards and one yellow card.

“The Wales team used our shortcomings by scoring goals including strokes and those mistakes we will re-evaluate in the video analysis session and improve.

“If you look at the last meeting between Malaysia and Wales, it was an intense action where the last meeting of Malaysia beat them 2-1. But for today’s action, what we can learn is to make the best use of every opportunity.

“The strength of the national team is speed and we will bring this confidence for the next match,” said Arul.

Meanwhile, Faizal Saari who also contributed the third goal in today’s match was thankful because he had returned to his true performance, including the touch to score a goal.

“Thank God Malaysia won against Wales for the first match. From today’s match there are still shortcomings that need to be improved however positive things are done, we will continue for the next match.

“I have rediscovered my performance including the touch of a goal and that is something that is quite positive for myself. I will continue to study today’s match in preparation for the second match, “explained Faizal.

The fourth test match which is also the National Senior Men’s Squad’s eighth action in the 2021 United Kingdom Tour Series will once again find them with Team Wales, the match continues on October 13 (Wednesday) at 3.15am Malaysian time at Reading Hockey Club.


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