Now, Hockey may not be arguably one of the most important sports in the world, but it is an Olympic sport and over the years marketing of hockey has become an increasingly important issue, as clubs and product owners need to generate more revenue from the sport.
In a wider context, hockey marketing has also become a benchmarking standard for other sports to learn from worldwide.
The practices and processes of such an established industry are important lessons for those sports which are yet to maximise on their potential earnings, and provide interesting lessons in sports marketing in general.
Here are three effective strategies to help you achieve your revenue goals. If you’re targeting fans to hit some revenue goals, these three strong marketing strategies will help you score.
Use AR ( Argumented Reality) 
If your hock marketing plan relies on plain old TV and print ads, fans won’t pay as much attention. In fact,AR apps hold consumer attention for 75 seconds, 2.5 times the average for TV, radio or outdoor advertising.
If you want to boost engagement, encourage loyalty and ultimately beat your competition, you need AR on your team.
Here is one way to get started with AR:
Advertise your brand on popular third party augmented reality platforms owned or managed by social media, messaging, or gaming companies.
For instance, using Facebook’s new augmented reality camera, FIFA is offering fans around the world the chance to add new and innovative 3D face masks to photos and videos.
Provide fans with immersive experiences allowing them to feel their love for the game on a new, exciting level using AR.
Experiential Events
Consumers love experiences. That’s why they buy from brands that engage them emotionally with experiential events.
According to a recent EMI’s Event Track Study, Experiential Marketing Content Benchmarking Report, 74% of consumers stated that engaging with branded event marketing experiences made them more likely to buy the promoted products.
Experiential marketing is money well spent. In fact, 65% of brands that use experiential campaigns see a positive correlation with sales. Thinking of using experiential marketing to bond with hockey fans on an emotional level and win over their hearts? Below are a few things to note:
Know Your Audience: Find out what conversations hockey fans are having and what makes them tick before you build your experiential campaign. Unfortunately, consumers thought the marketing strategy tone deaf, resulting in thousands of negative comments.
Deliver An Engaging Experience: A lasting impression that lives beyond the moment is the heart of experiential marketing. So instead of putting up tents with your products, give hockey  fans something to remember.
Create A Community: Build a deep relationship with hockey fans by delivering energy filled events that bring them together. Sports fans love cheering on their teams. Engage them in a memorable way with experiential marketing and you’ll always be on their mind.
Score From The Sideline With Ambush Marketing
While the official sponsor of any hockey event has its benefits, you don’t have to be the headlining name to make money when you have Ambush marketing at your disposal.
Ambush marketing is when a non-sponsor associates itself with an event, participating team or player without formal recognition.
Using this strategy during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Nike, an ‘unofficial sponsor,’ received more buzz than Adidas, one of the official sponsors of the tournament.
Rather than pay an estimated $100 million to legally embed World Cup emblems onto products, apparel and ads, Nike featured one of football’s finest, Christiano Ronaldo in their timely, football-themed marketing campaigns.
Many casual fans probably didn’t notice whether Nike was an official sponsor, and even more possible, they just didn’t care.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Know The Rules: Ambush marketing can backfire quickly, and there’s a fine line between ambush marketing and illegal advertising. Have your legal team sign off on your plan and be aware of any possible landmines. You don’t want to end up like Nicklas Bendtner who was fined 100K euros and banned from a game because he showed the name of betting company Paddy Power on his elastic band during the 2012 UEFA European Championship.
  • Get Permission: Don’t assume you have permission to use player or team imagery. Work with the teams and players and make sure they’re on board. Yes, even for your social media posts.
  • Be Creative: Use the theme of hockey to your advantage but leave out protected logos, words, fonts, symbols & trademarks of the hockey tournament.While there’s a huge debate in the marketing world on whether ambush marketing is ethical or not, done correctly, it drives results.
Go Score Some Goals
Hockey presents a great opportunity to hit some revenue goals. Harness the shared passion of the sport by engaging fans with AR, winning over the hearts and pockets with experiential marketing and scoring from the side with ambush marketing. Go score some goals. We’ll be cheering you on.
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