Dutch goalkeeping guru Martin Drijver and goalkeeping expert Dennis van de Pol will host a  ‘training for goalies’ webinar for goalkeeping enthusiast who are in a lock-down mode during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.
Drijver as we all know has more than 25 years of experience in goalkeeping coaching, and is the founder of the Drijver Goalie Academy in the Netherlands.
He has previously worked with several domestic and international hockey teams as a goalkeeping coach including the national teams of Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia and India.
As a goalkeeping coach, Drijver has played a part in three Olympic Games, five European Championships, three World Cups and 10 Champions Trophies internationally.
Dennis van de pol is a partner with the Drijver Goalie Academy in the Netherlands as well as the KNHB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Hockey Bond) and has trained the Dutch youth side.
He has also had the opportunity to be associated with the Canadian women’s hockey team, Indian men’s hockey team and the Pakistan men’s hockey team in recent times.
They will answer your questions online in a live session. To keep it personal and interesting, the webinar is held in small groups.
The Webinar will focus on : 
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Stick and glove saves
  • PC defence
  • Positioning
  • How to incorporate a goalie better in a team session
Date, Time and Fees : 


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