🇪🇸 Spain Hockey : Max Caldas names men’s team players for core training
Photo Credit : Alexander H.

From Wednesday 27 to Sunday October 31, Ourense will host the return of the Spanish men’s senior team after their participation in the last Olympic Games in Tokyo.

An appointment that will be the first with Max Caldas as responsible for the #RedSticks. For the initial appointment in Galician lands, the technical laureate has summoned 36 players for this “SuperCamp”. An initial list that will always be open to the incorporation of other players.

With them, a form of work based on high performance will begin, where in this initial stop, the work guidelines to follow will be marked, learning what they want to be as a group, in the search for growth not only in sports, but also also in personal growth.

Players called up for Super Camp :

  • Adrian Rafi (FC Barcelona)
  • Albert Pérez (Club Egara)
  • Rafael Álvarez (Sanse Complutense)
  • Mario Garín (Country Club)
  • Marc Recasens (Club Egara)
  • Alex Alonso (RS Tennis)
  • Llorenç Piera (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Enrique Zorita (Country Club)
  • Álvaro López-Alonso (RS Tennis)
  • Ignacio Rodríguez (Country Club)
  • Jaume Torras (Club Egara)
  • Salva Armenteras (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Manuel Prol (Tilburg-Netherlands)
  • Ricardo Santana (KHC Leuven-Belgium)
  • Marc Vizcaíno (Atlètic Terrassa)
  • Ricardo Sánchez (Country Club)
  • Marc Sallés (Atlètic Terrassa)
  • Oriol Salvador (Junior FC)
  • Marc Boltó (HGC-Netherlands)
  • Jan Lara (An Der Alster-Germany)
  • Marc Serrahima (HGC-Netherlands)
  • César Curiel (Sanse Complutense)
  • Xavi Gispert (Club Egara)
  • Joan Tarrés (Herakles-Belgium)
  • Albert Beltrán (Klein Zwitserland-Netherlands)
  • Enrique González de Castejón (Country Club)
  • Ignacio Cobos (Sanse Complutense)
  • Antonio Sanz (Sanse Complutense)
  • José Basterra (Country Club)
  • Álvaro Iglesias (Country Club)
  • Gonzalo Quijano (RS Tennis)
  • Eduardo González-Mesones (RS Tennis)
  • Alejandro Dávila (RS Tennis)
  • Marc Reyné (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Marc Escudé (Atlètic Terrassa)
  • Marc Miralles (RC Polo Barcelona)


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