FIH President Narinder Batra said his main focus would be on the 10-year Hockey Revolution strategy starting from 2019, which aims at making the sport more popular and reachable.

“There is one game I am passionate about is hockey. I want to contribute to the game and make it more popular and bigger. As part of the plan, the FIH will introduce a 10-year Hockey Revolution programme from 2019. The programme’s aim is to ensure the next generation takes up the sport. It’s overall aim is to make hockey more popular and reachable.

The  FIH chief said they have also kept the option of organising the league on a neutral venue in case a country like Pakistan has issues hosting the event on their home soil.

“We have kept the neutral venue option for teams like Pakistan provided they agree to play,”

Further elaborating on his plans, Batra said he wants to take hockey across the globe in a bid to increase “reach and revenue”

“My role in FIH is to  increase geographical boundaries of the sport. I want to expand hockey to Africa, Pan America, Oceania and Asia. I want to increase the number of international teams from 10-12 to 20-25.

“If you can increase your boundaries, revenue will automatically increase,” he said.



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