As the final step in the selection of the best players to be on the National League Men’s Hockey Team, Roelant Oltmans has called on 34 players to attend the central training camp that began on March 2nd 2020 at Bukit Jalil National Hockey Stadium.
Speaking post training, Roelant was clearly satisfied with the level of fitness displayed by all players including the enthusiasm shown by the young players during the training session.
“I haven’t seen the full results of today’s fitness test, but I think it looks pretty good compared to what I’ve seen before.
“The fitness level of the players is also very good in today’s training session and I hope it will improve over time.
“But it’s not a big deal for us as we have a huge player base of 34 and with the number of players, we can plan to have some matches with us.
“The players are training every day and going through the games with each other, so I believe we will come up with an idea to assess the quality of each player.
“There are some players that we know about the quality they have and it is based on their past performance evaluations as well as some of their actions during the league and when they are with the national youth team.
Over the course of three weeks of training, Roelant will evaluate to select 25 players who will be on the National Team roster for 2020 and add three more players to train with the main squad.


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