🏆 PAC 2022 : Argentina Men’s Hockey team register second successive victory
thedragflick.com/Credits : Argentina Hockey

Dragflick Newsdesk : With the Olympic gold medal that the team obtained at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, the Lions achieved a harrowing 3-2 victory against Chile and qualified for the semifinals of the Pan American Cup in Santiago. The next commitment will be on Friday the 28th and, if they win, the selected team will qualify for the 2023 World Cup in India.

As expected, it was a tough match from the beginning to the end. The Chileans ratified their growth in recent times and Argentina had to redouble their efforts to win and secure first place in group A. The opponent was absolutely different from the debut (Brazil, which had been crushed 10-0) and Mariano Ronconi‘s team was, to a certain extent, surprised from the start.

And more so when Franco Becerra made it 1-0 after 4 minutes with a short corner. The Lions felt the impact, it was difficult for them to readjust themselves on the field and at 19 the second goal came from the locals through Ignacio Contardo.

So it was necessary to “shuffle and give again” but in addition to being more aggressive in their game and being more sharp with their forwards (there were two short ones that could not materialize), the Argentines changed the chip and with claw they took charge of the situation.

At the beginning of the second half the recovery began. That was accompanied by Lucas MartĂ­nez’s short goal at 4 minutes. And although the panorama seemed to get a little more complicated due to the yellow cards of Della Torre and Rey in just 120 seconds that forced them to play with nine men for six minutes, the selected team continued to move forward, still without clarity at times but with a lot of pride.

At 23, MartĂ­nez himself put the tie that gave some peace of mind. But between the Chilean bewilderment and the Argentine hunger to go for the three points, Maico Casella, just one minute from closing, marked the final result. That was celebrated strongly on the other side of the mountain range.


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