Shahbaz Ahmed
Inframe : Shahbaz Ahmed / Photo Credits : PHF

A special team consisting of five members from Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) office has started forensic audit of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) mainly dealing with all the grants, financial support doled out to the leading 14 federations during the last five years.

Sources said, that the auditing department’s inspector general has also opened an investigation into Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary –  Shahbaz Ahmeds’s accounts.

The investigation states that Shahbaz Ahmed has failed on a fundamental part of his job.

According to available details, the PHF alone got richer by over Rs 500 million through federal government sources in recent times. But under the leadership of Shahbaz, Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) did not even build a single stadium, let alone generate enough revenue to support themselves.

The ‘funding’ issue by no means a new development. But, this clearly shows there is a massive lack of planning and misuse of money.

The watchdog has “received numerous complaints” and launched its investigation after the 2018 World Cup.

“In recent times, we have received numerous complaints with majority of these coming against PHF for showing no wisdom in spending the grant given during the last four years,” an IPC official said.

“The PHF has taken almost 60 percent of total grant, federal government has doled out during last three to four years. So it is a must to look into as where the amount had been spent during all these years,” the official said.

The government has decided not to release any amount to these federations unless and until, the forensic audit reaches to its logical conclusion.

“Corruption and misuse of funds have brought the darkest period on our national game.” the official said.

Instead of accepting his incompetence to run hockey, Shahbaz pointed fingers at Imran Khan’s government for not releasing funds, and resigned from the secretary’s post on Dec 29.

Perhaps we should’ve seen this controversy coming?