Hasan Sardar
Inframe : Hasan Sardar / Photo Credits : Hockey India

Former Pakistan hockey team manager Hasan Sardar has said that Pakistan government should either shut the national sport down in the country or support it.

“Players in Pakistan have been deprived of daily allowances. Until our federation gets sound financial resources regularly it will be hard to meet the expenses of the senior and junior teams.’ said Sardar

“We need a foreign coach for a long-term period of two to four years and not just for a few months. But the federation doesn’t have enough bucks to do that,” said the former olympian.

“More importantly, players must have job security. Indian states offer DSP level police jobs to hockey players. We also need to do that and it would also be beneficial for the police as well since players are fitter and disciplined and could easily be trained and inducted. Citizens would also respect them,” said Sardar.

“If the government can’t support the game then it should shut it down so that nation doesn’t expect anything,” he said.