“It’s not possible for our national side to win any of the upcoming international events for next three years despite the fact that I have engaged 19 coaches for the players”, said Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary General Shahbaz Ahmed Senior as he spoke on Sunday at the Abbottabad Press Club at the conclusion of the Under-16 hockey championship.

Asked about the poor performance of the national hockey team, Ahmed contended that disrespect for merit in the selection process and lack of proper government support were the key reasons for the abysmal state of affairs in Pakistan hockey.

He further added that escalating prices of hockey equipment, and government apathy to the development of hockey grounds when compared to cricket grounds has destroyed hockey in Pakistan.

“How can we make a strong team when the government itself ignores the national sport, investing nothing on its promotion and just focusing on cricket?”

He stressed that only by promoting and supporting the game at school level together and addressing unmeritorious selection of players would young players of today win laurels for the country tomorrow.


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