Paul Bundy
Photo Credits : FIH Media/Field Hockey Canada

Field Hockey Canada has announced the appointment of Paul Bundy as Head Coach of the Men’s Senior National Team. Paul has been the assistant coach for five years and has acted as interim head coach since Anthony Farry moved on last summer.

Most recently, Bundy led Team Canada through the FIH World League series, successfully qualifying for the 2018 FIH World Cup in India.

“Our culture is strong and I’m excited to tackle the challenge.The overarching goal right now is Tokyo 2020 and being successful there.”Bundy said.

Bundy has been an integral part of Field Hockey Canada’s progress since 2010. He has a broad coaching resume including many years of coaching in the UK, coaching the Canadian Women’s National Team and assistant coaching Canada’s Men’s National Team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Bundy’s goal for Tokyo in 2020

“Get into the top eight, and then with the current format it gives us a really good opportunity where if you win one game in the quarter-final then you’re playing for a medal,” said Bundy.

“We want to play the top six countries in the world and we want to play them at our convenience. The group that went to the Rio Olympics were the younger group and now that group is just maturing a lot more, so it’s coming in to the top of our peak.” Bundy said.


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