🇳🇱 Netherlands Hockey : Peter Elders re-elected as member of the EHF Executive Board
Photo Credit : European Hockey League

KNHB board member Peter Elders was re-elected as member of the Executive Board on Saturday 18 September during the General Assembly of the European Hockey Federation (EHF). Elsewhere joined the board in 2017.

Within the EHF, Peter Elders has shared his knowledge and experience in the field of arbitration and the rules of the game in recent years. In his role, he has mainly focused on the administrative agenda and supervision of the developments of hockey sport in the smaller and medium-sized European hockey countries. He did this, among other things, by taking on the chairmanship of the Development Committee as director of the EHF, in which the KNHB also plays a prominent role through Gabrielle van Doorn and various twinning projects.

Elsewhere there is motivation to continue working on this over the next four years and to be able to take next steps towards a larger and more flourishing hockey sport in more European countries. Increasing the number of European associations is an important topic in this regard.



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