Polish Men's Hockey team

The Polish team will play two matches against Scotland on Friday and Saturday in Wałcz.

These will be the last tests of the team before departure to India, where in June she will face a fight for promotion to the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“In Wałcz, we will make the final cut of our form before India. We will play one or two spins with the host and perhaps Japan on the spot,” says head coach of the hockey team on the grass Karol Śnieżek.

Duels with Scotland at the COS stadium in Wałcz will also be the final overview of the team for the coach. Śnieżek will have almost all competitors at his disposal.

“Scotland is a very good rival. They have a slightly underestimated ranking, because they do not compete in the games, but in my opinion it is one of the 8 best teams in Europe. It’s a cool, powerful opponent for the pre-tournament wipe.” added Śnieżek.

The director of the Central Sports Center Mariusz Kałużny adds that he is very happy to play matches at the COS facilities.

“It’s a great honor for us. We have such conditions that we can host not only our staff, but also foreign rivals. Everyone will have what they need to build a form with us.” assured Kałużny.

Poland-Scotland matches will take place on Friday at 19 and Saturday at 17.00. Two days later – on Monday – the U-21 team will compete against Scotland.

At the training camp in Wałcz, there is also a team of seniors, who also in June will fight for promotion at the games during the tournament in Japan.


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