🇦🇹 Austria Hockey : Robert Bele announces retirement from International Hockey
Photo Credit : Instagram/ Robert Bele

Robert Bele ends his international career with what he considers to be the greatest success – 1st place at the B-EM 2021 in Gniezno (POL). He has 106 international matches on his team account.

He played his first game in the national team on August 3rd, 2007 (Switzerland – Austria) in Lucerne. “After 14 years in the national team – as a player, sports manager and youth national team coach – it is time to concentrate on other things in life,” says the 31-year-old.

Hard work and always 100% commitment characterize his athletic path, which was not always easy: “I had to take a 6-month hockey break twice because of a slipped disc. That was bitter – but I worked hard to get back .

” He has had many great successes in his career, but he also had to deal with sporting low blows. “I have bad memories of 10th place at the 2015 World League semi-finals in Buenos Aires, that was one of my greatest sporting disappointments.”

Team trainer Hans Szmidt, who already looked after Robert as a club trainer at SV Arminen in the U12 / U14, finds big and very touching words:

“Robert is a very special friend for me. He was always ready for hard work. On and off the field He has always been extremely important for the team atmosphere. I wish many players in the national team his human and athletic attitude, that has my greatest respect. At this European Championship, after the lost opening game against Switzerland, he said to me “Hansi, das is my last event and I swear to you, we give everything! “- he embodied this attitude and with it he also motivated others. Robbi and I were both passionate about our” last dance “- it stays in my head as a player and as a person in my heart!”

As a farewell, Robert addressed a few words to his teammates: “Have the right focus on the next goals (World Cup qualification and, subsequently, Olympic qualification). After the failures at this year’s European Championship and the successful integration of the young players, I am with you Continuing continuous work in the athletic, tactical and hockey-specific area, with a complete and broad-based squad, a lot is possible. “


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