🇧🇪 Hockey Belgium : Royal Belgian Hockey Association announces Immoweb as the Men and Women Hockey teams sponsor
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Dragflick Newsdesk : Immoweb can call itself a proud sponsor of the Royal Belgian Hockey Association as of this year as well as of the female and male national hockey teams of Belgium; the Red Panthers and the Red Lions. The country’s largest real estate website will be featured on the shirts of both hockey teams for the next four years.

Piet Derriks, managing director of Immoweb:

“We choose to support two national teams because Immoweb is the real estate website for the whole of Belgium. We are delighted to be partnering with these world-class performers. The combination of their team spirit, hard work and commitment ensure that hockey continues to gain in popularity.”

From 2022, the Belgian real estate website Immoweb will adorn the shirts of the national hockey teams. They have had an impressive track record in recent years. For example, the Red Lions won gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021.

The Red Panthers have already won two medals during the European Championships in 2017 and 2021. In addition to the two hockey teams, the sponsor deal also supports the Royal Belgian Hockey Association, so that more than 100 hockey clubs and their players benefit from the deal.

The sponsorship of two ‘national’ hockey teams is a conscious choice for Immoweb.

“We are the real estate website for the entire country, so we want to translate that into our commitment to the sports world ,” says Mirjam Aardoom, Chief Marketing Officer of Immoweb.

She is already very enthusiastic about the collaboration:

“We are very proud to be one of the main sponsors for the next four years. Both hockey teams have performed excellently in recent years and ensure that the sport of hockey is becoming increasingly popular among the Belgian population, both to watch and to play. We are very happy to have the opportunity to support these top teams in this.”

The sport of hockey has become increasingly popular in recent years, so that Immoweb has not hesitated to work with the Royal Belgian Hockey Association. The vision of the association and of both teams is very much in line with the vision of AVIV Group, the real estate technology company of which Immoweb is a part. For AVIV Group, the principle of ‘one team, group first’ is central.

Piet Derriks, managing director of Immoweb:

“AVIV Group and Immoweb strongly believe in team spirit, working hard together and showing great commitment to achieve a common goal. Few can empathize with this as much as the Red Panthers and the Red Lions. In a team sport such as hockey, all these elements play a crucial role in order to achieve gold. As both teams have proven time and time again, they master these principles like no other.”

Serge Pilet, CEO of the KBHB , is looking forward to the partnership:

“The enormous growth of hockey in Belgium logically requires more professionalization and more support from our association organisation. Our internal operations have already made great strides, but of course we remain ambitious.

In this way we are also responsible for the growth of our national top teams for which the bar is set higher and higher. We know from experience that every detail improvement in the guidance always results in better sporting results in the long run. We are very pleased that Immoweb wants to support us in this and join us in a joint story of ambitious growth. It is clear that we share the same values ​​and love for the sport.”


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