Germany vs South Africa Test Hockey Match
Pic : Nadia Mattana
The German men could not play their last of four test games against the later Olympic group opponent, South Africa, because the irrigation system in Johannesburg was defective and the risk of injury on the blunt court was too great.
The DHB team will travel back to Germany with two wins and one draw (11: 2, 7: 1, 1: 1).
The next important stops on the #RoadtoTokyo are the home games in the FIH Pro League in Mönchengladbach (March 19 to 22, opponents Belgium and 2x Australia), Hamburg (March 26 to 29, opponents Belgium and 2x New Zealand) and Berlin (April 25/26, opponents 2x India).
Coach Al Saadi said : “It is annoying that we the last game got cancelled. The boys had decided to test out all the variations for this match today. But it is okay, as if someone had injured themselves here, because we got through this hard and long course without major injuries overall. We have made progress here, but of course we are not yet where we need to be in Tokyo.”


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