Until October 24, 2019, the Russian Field Hockey Federation is inviting applications from coaches who wish to receive training under the European Coach for Europe (C4E) and Top Coaches Program (TCP) programs, which are designed for 2 years.
During the training, practical seminars in different countries, webinars, online conferences, access to a special video analysis platform are planned.
As a result of the program, the coach will receive two certificates: a certificate of the European Field Hockey Federation and a corresponding certificate of the FIH Academy.
The cost of training is 600 euros per year (C4E) and 900 euros per year (TCP), in addition, transportation costs and visas are paid by the sending organization.
The Russian Field Hockey Federation requests by October 24, 2019 to send an application for a candidate coach to participate in training programs with the following data:
– name of the coach,
– Date of Birth,
– place and work experience,
– telephone and email,
– level of English (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2),
– the presence of any certificate, level of training in any coaching programs,
– What is the purpose of participation in the program, what qualities and skills does the trainer have to participate in the program,
– clothing size (S, M, L, XL, XXL).
Applications for participation and questions on programs are accepted to the office mail of the FHTR office@fhtr.ru  to the general secretary of the FHTR Yuklyaevskikh Nikita Alekseevich.


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