🏆 EuroHockey Championship II : Russian women out plays Austria in their Semi-Final match
Photo Credit : Austria Hockey

In today’s game the Russians (# 19) clearly showed that they are the best-ranked team at this European Championship. It was also due to the dominance of the opponent that the Austrian women unfortunately could not build on the previously shown performances.

Especially in the first half, Russia plays a lot of pressing for long stretches of the game, which poses problems for the Austrian women when opening the game.

The defensive is under constant pressure and the Austrians can hardly free themselves from their own quarter – too many balls land directly on the opponent. The Russians seem more agile and run faster and the Red Foxes a bit at a loss.

In one of the few attacks by the Austrians, Buchta can only lift the ball to the pole in the 10th minute. But then immediately the attacks on the goal of the Austrians roll again. It is actually only a matter of time when the first goal will be scored – in the 12th minute the time has come – Russia makes it 1-0.

Even in the 2nd quarter nothing changes in the overall picture. Above all, it is thanks to Stella von Rahden, who can excel in the Red Foxes’ goal a few times, that the result is not higher. In the 26th minute, Russia still scored the 2-0 from a penalty corner.

Austria can stabilize in the second half and Marianne Pultar in particular tries to organize the defensive better. The Red Foxes now also have more offensive shares, but in this game too, the failure of the best chances and the lack of uncompromising goal-shooting takes revenge.

In minute 51 Russia increased to 3-0 – this result will be held until the end.

With that the dream of a ticket for the World Cup Qualifier is finally over. Depending on the outcome of the match pairing RUS v CZE, the last game against Lithuania is mainly about a better starting position for the next European Championship qualification. The better the ranking, the easier the future group. With a corresponding goal difference, 6th place can also be achieved.

Chris Faust sums up the following: “We were too slow in our decision-making today, especially with the high pressing of the Russian women we need more speed, especially in the first half. We can be satisfied with the second 30 minutes, but that is still not enough . We learned a lot and gained experience again today, which is sometimes painful. Now we have to quickly focus on tomorrow’s game, which we definitely want to win against Lithuania. ”



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