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Dragflick Newsdesk : The Scotland Aspiring and Emerging squads are in action this weekend as they each take to the field to play Wales in an exciting three-match series.

The Aspiring squads are at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre this weekend while the emerging squads travel to Swansea for the competitive contests at King George V Playing Fields.

On Friday 15th April both matches aspiring squad start at 6:00pm with the boys playing on pitch 1 and the girls taking to pitch 2 at Glasgow Green.

Saturday 16th April sees the Aspiring Girls play at 2:00pm before the boys at 4:00pm – both games on pitch 1.

Then on Sunday 17th April the girls are back on pitch 2 with the boys on pitch 1 and both games starting as 11:00am.

The emerging squads will both play at 6:30pm on Friday in Swansea then on Saturday its 1:00pm for the boys and 3:00pm for the girls.

On Sunday both teams push back at 11am in Swansea.

Emerging Girls’ Squad

  • Lucy Harris (Hillhead)
  • Darcey Kearsey (Edinburgh HC)
  • Lily Creighton (Uddingston)
  • Emma Christie (Merlins Gorgonians)
  • Sarah Hill (Repton)
  • Darcy Littlefield (Watsonians)
  • Marianna Maclean (Grange)
  • Lucy Macmillan (Western Wildcats)
  • Emily McLean (Inverleith)
  • Tallulah McMorris (Edinburgh HC)
  • Anika Erin Miedema (Edinburgh Academy)
  • Ailise Milroy (Perthshire)
  • Ella Mundell (Fjordhus Reivers)
  • Caterina Nelli (Uddingston)
  • Orla Roberts (Edinburgh HC)
  • Charlotte Robertson (Watsonians)
  • Riley Thomson (Perthshire)
  • Amber Wade (Uddingston)

Emerging Boys’ Squad

  • Ronnie Brown (The Edinburgh Academy)
  • Lewis McGuinness (Uddingston HC)
  • Edward May (Cala Edinburgh HC)
  • Charlie Feeney (Kelburne HC)
  • Callum Bradford (Gordonians HC)
  • Xander Millar (Inverleith HC)
  • Ally Paul (Watsonians HC)
  • Alfie Bonnar (Grove Menzieshill HC)
  • Jack Adams (Cala Edinburgh HC)
  • Luke Bannerman (Western Wildcats HC)
  • Owen Hunter (Watsonians HC)
  • Teo Thom (Grange HC)
  • Ben Young (Uddingston HC)
  • Murdo MacDonald (Watsonians)
  • Gus Inglis (Inverleith HC)
  • Murray Griffiths (Grove Menzieshill HC)
  • Freddie Jack (Merchiston Castle School)
  • Theo Wood (Dunfermline Carnegie HC)
  • Kyle Flockhart (Hillhead HC)
  • Lewis Mutch (Gordonians HC)

Aspiring Girls squad to face Wales

  • Ailsa Phimister (Gordonians)
  • Amy Grassom (Western Wildcats)
  • Ava Wadsworth (Hillhead)
  • Connie Roxburgh (ESM)
  • Emma Williams (GHK)
  • Freya MacKay (Grange)
  • Hannah Coull (Edinburgh HC)
  • Hannah Young (Dundee Wanderers)
  • Izzy Usher (Grange)
  • Jess Freeland (Gordonians)
  • Jess Mitchell (Western Wildcats)
  • Katie Brett (Western Wildcats)
  • Kiera Foster (Marlow)
  • Kirsten Murison (Watsonians)
  • Lexie MacMillan (Perthshire)
  • Lucy Brown (Gordonians)
  • Maddie Boyes (Watsonians)
  • Mhairi Low (Hillhead)
  • Nicola Fletcher (Western Wildcats)
  • Olivia Elliott (Perthshire)
  • Rebecca Gordon (Edinburgh HC)
  • Zara Kennedy (GHK)

Aspiring Boys squad to play Wales

  • Xavax Cordero (Inverleith)
  • Connor Chapman (Grove Menzieshill)
  • Fraser Allan (Grove Menzieshill)
  • Luca Gardiner (Uddingston)
  • Andrew Lobb (Watsonians)
  • Thomas Austin (Kelburne)
  • Ollie Wilson (Inverleith)
  • Zachary Talbot (Grange)
  • Sam Hunt (Kelburne)
  • Rory Steedman (Inverleith)
  • Jake Swan (Grove Menzieshill)
  • Henry Porter (Watsonians)
  • Daniel Leitch (CALA)
  • Archie Stephen (Dunfermline Carnegie)
  • Matthew Lydon (ESM)
  • Hugh Middleton (Lewes)
  • John Osborne (Western Wildcats)
  • Alex Marsland (Inverleith)
  • Calum Douglas (Clydesdale)
  • Bart Kuijpers (Perthshire)
  • Jay Berry (Kelburne)
  • Jamie Green (Clydesdale)


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