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With 6 players holding under 10 caps, and a  further 4 having less than 20 this was a young Green Army side facing the world number 7 on home turf.

3 wins each in their last 6 fixtures, the most recent being the World Cup semi-final, highlighted how little there rarely is to separate these two sides.

There was speed abound in the young Irish side with both Aisling Naughton and Sarah Torrans burning past the Spanish defence in the opening half.

Lena Tice gave her side the lead in the 12th minute but Spain replied in kind quickly into the second quarter courtesy of Belen Iglesias.

Liz Murphy stepped into the Irish goal in the second half, and while both her and her counterpart Maria Ruiz were called upon to make some routine saves, there wasn’t a flurry of clear cut chances.

Berta Bonastre had the chance to put her side in front as she took up position on the penalty spot waiting for the reverse pass into the circle but as usual Shirley McCay was back marshalling her side and clearing the loose ball.

It was a relatively uneventful clash with discipline high on the agenda and no cards being handed out. Carmen Cano leapt on one of the few goal scoring opportunities to fall in the second half, despite Spain increasing the pressure, and put her side in front in the 53rdminute and secured victory.

Ireland : 1

Spain : 2