🇪🇸 Spain Hockey : Spanish Hockey Association names 22 players for women's Junior World Cup training camp
Photo Credit : Óscar Matheu / Hockey Spain

The U21 women’s national coach; Jordi Alastrue, has finally confirmed the list of 22 players, who from October 28 to 31, will concentrate in Terrassa.

A stage that will serve as a new stop in the preparation of the imminent Women’s World Cup of the category, which will be held at the North-West University (NWU) of Potchefstroom (South Africa), from the 5th to the 16th of next December.


  • María Tello (Country Club)
  • Cintia Santana (UD Taburiente)
  • Natalia Déniz (UD Taburiente)
  • Berta Serrahima (Junior FC)
  • Anna Serrahima (Junior FC)
  • Carlota Gómez (Sanse Complutense)
  • Paula Fernández (UD Taburiente)
  • Lucía Monsalve (Country Club)
  • Inés Fanlo (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Estel Forte (CD Terrassa)
  • Hanna Badía (Atlético Terrassa HC)
  • Júlia Strappato (Junior FC)
  • Berta Agulló (Sanse Complutense)
  • Lorena Vives (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Laura Barrios (Country Club)
  • Maria Gestí (Junior FC)
  • Sara Barrios (Country Club)
  • Isabel Zaldúa (RC Polo Barcelona)
  • Laura Bosch (Junior FC)
  • Patricia Sanz (Sanse Complutense)
  • Blanca Pérez (Country Club)
  • Laia Insenser (Castelldefels HC)



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