🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : Sports ministerial mandate ceremony held for the Junior World Cup squad
Photo Credit : MHC

Ahead of the Bhubaneswar Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup, India, which will open on November 24 to December 5, 2021, the Youth and Sports Ministerial Mandate Ceremony with the 2021 National Youth World Cup Squad and the National Team Jersey Launch was organized by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) for ignite the spirit of the National Youth World Cup Squad that will bring Malaysia’s challenge to the tournament.

Present to officiate the ceremony were Senator Dato ‘Sri Ti Lian Ker, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia, President of KHM, Dato’ Sri Subahan Kamal, Director General of the National Sports Council (MSN) Dato ‘Ahmad Shapawi Ismail, Deputy Presidents of KHM, and Members of the KHM Executive Board and Puma representatives as the official sponsor of the National jersey, En. Steven Tan, Country Manager of Puma and Mr. Muru, Managing Director of Active Sports.

Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Senator Dato ‘Sri Ti Lian Ker, believes that with the spirit and enthusiasm that the national squad has, the National Youth World Cup Squad is able to bring home the glory and success from the tournament.

“I wonder why hockey is the second sport in Malaysia when hockey is played on the world stage and almost created a surprise on the world stage. Maybe we can think of a way how to restore the glory of hockey and make it a major sport in Malaysia.

“I believe the National Youth World Cup Squad can bring and inspire the spirit to put hockey in the right place with the success of the tournament.

“The Malaysian Hockey Team is now ranked 10th in the world, so this is the time to continue to inspire and give full support to the country’s Youth World Cup players for them to move forward.

“I hope the performance of the hockey team will continue to improve at the international level,” said Senator Dato ‘Sri Ti Lian Ker.

Meanwhile, MHC President, Dato ‘Sri Subahan Kamal is optimistic that the National Youth World Cup Squad will be able to stand out in the 2021 Youth World Cup Hockey Championship even though Malaysia is placed in Group A with difficult opponents, namely Belgium, South Africa and Chile.

“MHC set a target for players to give their best performance, we took one match after another and ensured a slot in the next round because the opponents in our group were not easy (Belgium, South Africa and Chile).

“Although our opponents are not easy opponents but we are optimistic that these players will make a surprise, stand out in the tournament and record more proud results than before,” said Dato ‘Sri Subahan.

Speaking about the new National Squad jersey launched today, Dato ‘Sri Subahan Kamal explained that the new National Squad jersey still retains the “Malaysian” element as well as the “Malayan Tiger” touch by featuring yellow, white and orange.

“For the 2021 Youth World Cup, the team will use a yellow jersey as the main jersey, the second jersey is white and the third jersey is orange.

“These colors also symbolize the greatness of Malaysia. Apart from that, the Puma emblem is also the emblem of a fast and quick beast and hopefully it will raise the spirits of the players to achieve the target we desire.

“This is one of the reasons why we use the Puma jersey because we believe it will burn the spirit of the players in achieving success in this tournament,” said Dato ‘Sri Subahan Kamal.

The National Junior World Cup squad is expected to depart next week and will go through several warm -up friendly matches before facing the real mission of the Men’s Junior World Cup, Bhubaneswar, India 2021.


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