đź–‡Hockey Jobs : Swansea University is looking for an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

S & C Delivery – Teams, Athletes and External Partners

Design, deliver, and monitor strength and conditioning support to high performance athletes and sport clubs at the University. Primarily delivery will be required to the following (but not limited to) Men’s & Ladies Hockey, Swimming, focus sports and open gym slots for various sporting athletes.

Work under the direction of the Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach to develop Strength and Conditioning programmes that ensure the principles of science are reflected in adaptation; periodisation; peaking; tapering; injury prevention; rehabilitation; recovery and athlete assessment.

Work collaboratively with injury and medical practitioners and wider athlete support services.

Provide support at BUCS matches and events if required.

Work to the Sports Strategy guidelines of the following…

  • Inspire- Our high-performance strand of the strategy. The aim is to develop Swansea University as a first choice destination for elite and high performance athletes seeking a dual career academic experience.
  • Aspire- Our competitive recreational strand. The aim is to maximise the opportunity for students and staff to participate in high quality sports programmes whilst promoting personal and sporting development to be in the Top 2 most successful sport Universities in Wales.
  • Engage- Our introductory level of sport and activity strand of the strategy. To engage as many students/staff as possible in sport and physical activity to create a thriving and flourishing community at Swansea University to contribute to the health, leisure and well-being of the wider regional community.

Within the rules of professional confidentiality liaise with athletes, primary care professionals, parents, coaches and other support staff as appropriate.

Delivery of Wider Performance Service Support

  • Liaise with performance coaches, captains, NGBs, HCSIs, TASS, physiotherapists, and other HE institutions to ensure delivery is appropriate, current and evidence-based where necessary.
  • Proactively engage with performance coaches, sports science and sports medicines staff to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to performance development.
  • Support pre-season training, fitness testing and other interventions to monitor and improve performance.
  • Attend, contribute to and provide reports at appropriate programme meetings.
    Ensure all athletes and teams have appropriate and measurable performance targets across all elements of the programme.

Professional Services Values

All Professional Services areas at Swansea University operate to a defined set of Core Values – Professional Services Values and it is an expectation that everyone is able to demonstrate a commitment to these values from the point of application through to the day to day delivery of their roles. Commitment to our values at Swansea University supports us in promoting equality and valuing diversity to utilise all the talent that we have.

We are Professional
We take pride in applying our knowledge, skills, creativity, integrity and judgement to deliver innovative, effective, efficient services and solutions of excellent quality

We Work Together
We take pride in working in a proactive, collaborative environment of equality, trust, respect, co-operation and challenge to deliver services that strive to exceed the needs and expectations of customers.

We Care
We take responsibility for listening, understanding and responding flexibly to our students, colleagues, external partners and the public so that every contact they have with us is a personalised and positive experience.

Commitment to our values at Swansea University supports us in promoting equality and valuing diversity to utilise all the talent that we have.

Job Reference: SD02440

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