🇫🇷 France Hockey : Sylvie Petitjean re-appointed as member of FIH Official Committee

The France Hockey Federation congratulates Sylvie Petitjean on being re-appointed within the FIH ” Officials Committee” , which aims to represent all the officials within the FIH.

Sylvie Petitjen has been part of the FIH Officials Committee since 2017. Her appointment was renewed and validated by the FIH Executive Board until March 2023, with the support of the FFH and the EHF.

“I have indeed been part of the EHF Officials Committee for a number of years and this committee is divided into three sub-groups:

  • Appointments group: takes care of the appointments of all officials (referees, umpire managers, judges and tournament directors) for European tournaments
  • Officials Education group: deals with the training and support of judges and tournament directors
  • Umpires Education group: deals with the training of referees and umpires managers
    With the eight other members, I am part of the Appointments Group which is responsible for appointing and supporting all the people involved in European tournaments, grass and hall. This is a very interesting role which allows us in particular a global view of the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in a tournament, the requirements, etc.” Sylvie Petitjean

Sylvie Petitjean has also been appointed as the Technical Delegate for the FIH Hockey Women’s World Cup 2022 – European Qualifier 2021 initially scheduled in Rome.


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