The FIH has announced which countries have submitted a bid for the organization of the World Cups in 2022/2023.
The Netherlands is also listed in the overview of countries that have submitted a bid. However, the KNHB has not submitted an independent bid, but has given its support to the bid of the Spanish hockey association.
The situation is as follows: In the past period, it has been possible for countries to submit a bid to host one of the two World Cups in 2022/2023.
The Netherlands has decided not to submit a bid. There has been consultation with the Spanish hockey association, after which Spain has submitted a bid with two variants:
  • Spain hosts the WC for Ladies in July 2022 in Spain or
  • Spain hosts the WC for Ladies in July 2022 in Spain where a number of matches (for example the group of the Netherlands) can be played in the Netherlands.
The KNHB has informed the FIH to support this second variant. If Spain wins the bidding process, then a variant with the Netherlands as a venue for a number of matches is a possibility.
The following countries have submitted a bid:
Period 1-17 July 2022:
  • Germany (Women’s World Cup)
  • Spain (Women World Cup)
  • Spain / Netherlands (Ladies World Cup)
  • Belgium (Men’s World Championships)
  • Malaysia (Men’s World Championships)
Period January 13-29, 2023:
  • India (Men’s World Championships)
  • Malaysia (Ladies World Cup)
  • New Zealand (Ladies World Cup)
At the beginning of November, the FIH will announce which countries are allowed to organize the Women’s World Championship and the Men’s World Championship.
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