Eight teams will take part in the official Tokyo 2020 hockey test event beginning on 17-21 August.
In the men’s tournament, hosts Japan- ranked 16 in the world – will face India (5th), Malaysia (12th), and New Zealand (8th).
The Japan women’s team, who are ranked 14 in the world, will play host to Australia (2nd), India (10th) and China (10th).
This test event will provide an ideal chance for the organisers to fine-tune the field of play at at Oi Hockey Stadium
The  teams too will receive necessary exposure and give them an opportunity to get a feel of the turf.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will officially launch the event with a grand opening ceremony and will also inaugurate the brand-new Oi Hockey Stadium, consisting of two pitches.
The two pitches, having a capacities of 10,000 and 5,000 seats respectively at the Olympics Games, are located in a leafy park in the waterfront area of Tokyo Bay.
The full schedule of the tournament can be found here:


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